About Us

Ecoilyn’s primary objective is to create ecological and culturally anchored high-end getaways while propagating the sustenance and perpetuation of the socio-cultural heritage of India, past and living. The Ecoilyn family has cultivated a sense of two-fold duty: unrelenting service to our guests on the one hand and consistent harmony with the traditions and culture on the other. All aspects of our services reflect our philosophy and objectives whether it is our choice of Tour plans, choice of hotels & resorts, places to visit, Tour guides or ground level rations.

In developing and propagating our ethos & values, we attempt to ingrain in our internal and external patrons a sense of responsibility towards India’s indigenous traditions, ethnic mores and culture. Through our direct and indirect contribution to the hospitality and travel industry, all our employees and projects reinforce this attempt.

It is our relentless desire to meet the demands of new-age travellers for experiential destinations that allow indulgence into the culture of the region. Ecoilyn getaways have been developed to offer exactly that. This guest experience is made interactive through architecture and design, cuisines and activities.


Ecoilyn hospitality has cultivated and encouraged the implementation of positive values in all its team. This has ensured the growth of the organisation as well as personal growth in an overall positive direction. By consistently delivering a quality experience to our guests, we ensure value for their time and money. Ecoilyn also encourages care for the environment: not only in the ecological context, but also cultural and lifestyle environs.

People – Our consistency and overall success is driven by our team. The most important stakeholder is the Ecoilyn Team since it is internal growth that eventually leads to the company’s growth. Employee welfare and up-liftment is a crucial aspect of any organization.

Guests – We take as a commitment that our guests must be able to trust Ecoilyn to deliver quality services. Thorough proactive communication and presenting clients the information they need to make a balanced decision, we try to make the Ecoilyn experience as customised to individuals as it is memorable.
Learning -Learning is as endless process. Ecoilyn is very much an “open” organisation that encourages feedbacks from our primary stakeholders – Team and Guests.

Vision – Our vision is to present the conventional sense of Indian hospitality, not overtly clichéd but interspersed with traditions and modern-day comforts. ‘ECOILYN’ is a synthesis of Sewa, which means service: our commitment of care towards our culture and heritage has a corresponding responsibility that we strive to fulfil.