At Ecoliyn we believe that “luxury is in the experience”

We love travelling in style and are not afraid to step off from the usual circuit in order to experience the unusual and something more rewarding, and this is where we come “When life begins at the edge of the comfort zone”

Consistently, we enjoy extremely high levels of client satisfaction, especially from those who operate the most demanding programmes in India. We specialise in exclusive tailor-made holidays that are perfect for honeymoons, cultural tours, family trips, wildlife adventures, sabbaticals and multi-generational holidays.

We’re Destination Managers, specialists; and our clients are mainly from our travel partners around the world.

Our operations are fine-tuned to the needs of Incentive Tours, the discerning individual traveller, and the Special Interest Traveller.

We also specialise in the corner of the world that we know best, where we’re hands-on, where we can be sure of giving our customers the best: the Indian subcontinent. We cover the vast, diverse, intriguing, ever-vibrant expanse of the largest democracy and the second-fastest growing economy in the world, India; the rugged Himalayan terrain of still-mysterious Nepal; the lush tropical island paradise that inspired the word “serendipity,” Sri Lanka; and the charming mountain kingdom of Bhutan, the only country in the world to measure—and strive to improve—its citizens’ Gross National Happiness.

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