Travel Tips


Each traveler must be in possession of a valid passport that will remain valid for six months beyond his/her scheduled departure date from India or Nepal. US passport holders require tourist visas for entry into India & Nepal. Please arrive on tour with proper documentation.


On your arrival you will be met by our representative after you have passed through the airport’s secured passenger area. On arrival there may be certain amount confusion and we ask you to be patient with the local formalities.


Formal wear is not necessary in India. Casual shirts and slacks for men or blouses and skirts for ladies made of lightweight fabric such as cotton are suggested. Men may want to pack a sports coat for the evenings and ladies may want to pack a “dressier” skirt and blouse. Longer-length “walking” shorts are acceptable for both men and women. A jacket and warm, woolen sweater is necessary in northern India from November till January. Comfortable walking shoes are essential. Sunglasses, sun-block lotion, sun hat, insect repellent, film, binoculars, flashlight, tissues, candy, and additional batteries for your camera should be carried along. Prescribed medicines should always be carried in your hand luggage in their labeled containers only.


All currency and travelers cheques can be changed into Indian Currency (Rupees) at all hotels and banks. Major credit cards are accepted throughout all hotels, Restaurants and shops.


Hindi is the official language in India. English is widely spoken and understood throughout.


Please be aware that air travel in India is always subject to delays and cancellations that may occur for no apparent reason. Should this occur on your trip may we ask for your patience. You can be assured that Ecoilyn Travels Ltd has selected the best available accommodations for your trip. While many hotels boast five star ratings, most hotels are perhaps best described as comfortable instead of luxurious. While we contract for best available air-conditioned vehicles for all transfers and sightseeing, sometimes inconsistencies may occur. Also we experience a considerable amount of auto and pedestrian traffic, and it may take a long time to travel only a short distance.


You may tip for exceptional service directly performed by an individual.


Most travelers consider India to be a shopper’s paradise. You will find an extra-ordinary variety of shopping opportunities on your trip.


Indian food is known in the world over for its use of spices, but it does not have to be spicy-hot. Sauces and curries are delicious and are specially created to compliment the main dish. There are a variety of vegetarian specialties, fruits and desserts. Please avoid fruits that are already peeled and unwashed vegetables. During your trip please drink bottled mineral water. Purified water is provided in thermoses and flasks in your hotel rooms that are perfectly safe to brush your teeth with. Additionally do not drink tap water and avoid food sold by street vendors.


Same day service is available at most hotels.


Exercise the same precautions throughout your trip, as you would while travelling anywhere.


No vaccinations are currently required for entry into India or Nepal when arrival is directly from North America or any Asian or European country. Please consult your physician or the U. S. Centers for Disease Control for any suggested travelers medical kit appropriate for your general health.


We give below approximate high/low temperatures for the month of October / November and February / March in Fahrenheit :

New Delhi 82/60, Varanasi 85/65, Khajuraho 89/70, Agra 80/65, Jaipur 82/62, Udaipur 78/52, Aurangabad 85/65, Madras 100/75, Madurai 97/73, Cochin 96/73, Goa 93/71, Bombay 90/72.

This is not an exact weather forecast. Unseasonable weather can occur. Please suggest travelers pack with a degree of flexibility.


Domestic flights within India limit checked baggage allowance to 66 pounds per person. One carry-on flight bag is permitted on all flights. Checked baggage should be locked and contain identification outside as well as inside. Charges for baggage in excess of airline limitations are the responsibility of the traveler.

Ecoilyn Travel Ltd cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost baggage. We recommend you purchase adequate baggage insurance.


In India electricity runs 220/240 volts. If you bring appliances, also bring an international converter kit complete with a set of adapter plugs.


Please bring all equipment that you will need.


We will send a separate contact list together with final travel documents.


Please contact Ecoilyn Travels Ltd. office in India.